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We Missed the Floods!

We Missed the Floods! Yesterday the phone just kept ringing, and it became apparent that a lot of folks are finding it difficult to get on their favorite body of water to fish. High, muddy water everywhere has closed many ramps and makes for some difficult fishing. We got plenty of rain here at Angler’s Paradise but avoided the catastrophic…

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Bass Up Shallow

Bass Up Shallow I really messed up yesterday. I had two boats on the water and planned to finish prepping the 3rd boat, then go check on the fishermen. What I thought would be a one hr repair turned into 4 hrs, and the clients were coming off the water by the time I got started fishing. The guests reported…

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March 2015

March 2015 Two Facebook updates from March. Seven pounder caught in Black Perch Bay last Monday. Does the location surprise anyone?? Yesterday was a March rarity at Angler’s Paradise. A string of beautiful, sunny weather crossed paths with two groups of Angler’s who could break away long enough to be here before the next fit of cold air hit. Both…

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July 2014

July 2014 Sorry so long since the last update. It’s tuff enough to keep up with the phone, e-mail, fishing reports and Facebook when fishing season starts, but throw in hay baling and something has to slide. Fishing remains good to spectacular. No monsters have been caught this month, but plenty of fish have been reported; mostly on plastic worms.…

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Summer Almost Here

Summer Almost Here Fishing continues to be steady to spectacular. I got to fish with a long-time customer this morning. This man and I have fished together for about 16 years nearly as I can tell. We have laughed a lot and on occasion, we have wept as we mourned the loss of a couple of our fishing buddies. He…

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Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Last weekend we finally had a convergence of fishermen and shallow bass. It was not a perfect match up but lasted long enough to put a couple of big bass in the boat. The only willing crappie were about 7 feet deep over 30 feet of water. Go figure… I landed an 8 pounder on the old beaver…

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