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AT LONG LAST! I suppose someday I will understand why I have not been able to log into the Report area of our website, but until then I will just be thankful that I am on right now and it appears to be working. Should this be a one-hit-wonder, please check us out on Facebook, as that has been very…

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June 2017 Update

June 2017 Update We just finished up a busy week at AP. Lots of guests and I got to fish with a group of my Tulsa oilfield buddies. We had a great time fishing two half days and boated a lot of bass on wacky worms, crankbaits, and jig. I landed the lunker of the trip, an 8.25 lb bruiser…

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2017 Fishing Underway!

2017 Fishing Underway! Obviously Cross Country season, deer season, and the holidays took their toll on my Angler’s Paradise updates. It’s not that we have not had a lot going on. We had some good fishing through Oct., and I just posted a picture of a 6lb fish my guided client caught on a day of high, muddy, cold water…

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July Guide Trip

July Guide Trip I just got off the water from a half-day guide trip. Water temp was 91 and the heat index was 130 when we quit at 12:30. The guests had some topwater action first thing and then it was plastic worm time. Both father and son adapted to dragging Texas rigged worm through the grass and boated 16…

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June 2016

June 2016 You know that hot weather equals hot fishing if you have followed AP for very long. As the hit index was busting triple digits last week the big fish started biting and it just coincided with the arrival of two of Angler’s regular customers/friends. For many years now Perry and Brad have made the trek across MO to…

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Deer Season 2015

Deer Season 2015 Deer season has been a tale of two stories. Those who hunted the traditional “pay dirt” stands/blinds saw few mature bucks and it was no mystery why as the doe traffic around the field edges was greatly reduced in spite of more food available than ever before. I spent my time hunting back in the woods mostly…

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