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The September Chill

The September Chill Cooler weather always makes the AP phone ring, particularly after a scorching summer-like 2011. The first cold front actually arrived in August and brought some much-needed rain. Water temp dropped from 94 to 87 almost overnight. While the fishermen reveled in the cool temps, the fish were not so stirred up. Fishing had been great til that…

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Water Temp Cooling

Water Temp Cooling Just got a dose of what a 10 degree drop in water temperature does to the fishing. Had a good outing Wednesday in the rain, but found the bites few and far between the last two days. Fished 4.5 hrs yesterday & caught two little bass, while I broke off a big fish and lost another good…

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July 2011 Fishing

July 2011 Fishing The weather has been a major factor these last few weeks. Temps in triple digits & heat index has touched 123! Fishing has remained solid w/ occasional bursts of spectacular. I have had the good fortune to get out with clients & friends many times over the last 10 days & we have averaged one fish 4…

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Summer Patterns

Summer Patterns The weather has remained stable for the month of May and early June. AP missed out on the monster rains and got no part of the tornado outbreak that devastated Joplin. Thanks again to those of you who inquired about us. It’s always nice to hear from you. Last Monday night I went out for a couple of…

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June 2011 Update

June 2011 Update Fishing has been tuff to mediocre for several days. Worst afternoon was Monday when I fished for 7 hrs and boated two small bass. The lake has been mysteriously clear and no doubt that has forced the fish off the banks and made them suspend. Evenings have been the only reliable action, mostly on topwater. This morning…

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Reflection Report Date 4/14/2011 When we started AP 18 yrs ago, many of my friends said, “You will hate dealing w/ the people.” Found out two days ago that for the 3rd yr in a row the AP community has lost a dear friend, Jerry Bock to natural causes. He was a barber in the KC area & loved to…

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