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Fall or Winter?

The calendar says fall, but the temperatures of late feel more like winter. I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail from Robert Paradise last week inquiring about the possibility of coming fishing. Robert usually fishes several days at AP every year, but had to cancel his fall trip and had limited opportunity to fish closer to home as well.…

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Bucks are Moving!

Bucks are Moving! I just posted a couple of deer pictures that Shelley took from the back door of our house. Great 3 1/2 yr old buck that I don’t recall seeing before. I have been in a bow stand a few mornings and in the woods working on stands most days. Most of the deer movement is still limited…

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Summer Arrives As Scheduled

Summer Arrives As Scheduled Posted on July 05, 2010Sunny, hot weather arrived as the calendar predicted. Several days of mid-ninety hi’s made the fish start looking for the shade and kicked off the same reliable pattern of bass activity we saw last summer. Big plastics quickly became the rule of the day with fish biting shallow early in the morning…

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May Closes With A Flurry

May Closes With A Flurry Posted on June 01, 2010May fishing was quite a roller coaster ride. By the 2nd week of the month I was quite convinced that the first stage of the spawn happened in early March, bass fry were everywhere and most fishermen reported good numbers of fish, but few big fish were caught. That usually is…

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