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The Bite is Back On!

The Bite is Back On! Seems like the lake had been high, muddy, and falling for weeks now. Each day I held my breath waiting for the fishing to go in the tank. The bite remained strong as the water level stabilized at 10 above full. The water running into the lake tailed off late last week and the lake…

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Great Holiday Fishing

Great Holiday Fishing Three Mile Lake has returned to normal water clarity and the lake level remains high. Fishing never was destroyed by the falling water levels and the holiday weekend anglers all reported good numbers of fish being caught on many different lures. A few spawning fish remain, and one angler caught an 8.5 lb bass that was on…

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Bass on the Beds

Bass on the Beds The big bass finally decided to move onto the beds Friday. It was not the sunshine that got them there as it was mostly cloudy and rainy when a couple of the many daily visitors to Black Perch Bay settled into a bed and began the spawning rituals in earnest. One five pound bass was taken…

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Upcoming Turkey Season

Upcoming Turkey Season Frost on the docks yesterday and a thick fog sure fired up the turkeys. Hens and toms could be heard in every direction at first light. Looks like it should be a great spring season as the toms have continued to inhabit some of our favorite hunting grounds. At this time my son and I are the…

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How’s The Fishing?????

How’s The Fishing????? “How’s the fishing?” That’s always been my toughest question to answer. Don’t want to build it up too high when it has been good, and don’t want to discourage people too much when it has been bad. I always knew that whatever the fishing had been like; it would soon change. What I did not always understand…

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Turkeys Are Gobbling

Turkeys Are Gobbling The toms have been gobbling in the morning for a week now, but yesterday there was a bird fired up back in the dumps at 3:00 pm. Two of the six big “house” gobblers have split off and are courting the hens that stay across the road from our house. We have three sets of toms right…

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