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We Missed the Floods!

Yesterday the phone just kept ringing, and it became apparent that a lot of folks are finding it difficult to get on their favorite body of water to fish. High, muddy water everywhere has closed many ramps and makes for some difficult fishing. We got plenty of rain here at Angler’s Paradise but avoided the catastrophic downpours that really bring the lake up. Right now we are about 4″ above normal, and there is a variable brown tint to much of the lake, but by and large, it seems the fish don’t mind. A group that fished yesterday reported boating 30 bass up to 3 lbs, and two of the three had never seen the water before. I just got in from checking on my guests, and in 30 minutes I boated one bass on a square bill, and two more on a Junebug plastic worm (TX rig). Glad to get the 8# monkey off my back as I have botched my other opportunities this year. Really glad that my guests snapped this picture for me since Shelley and Kyle were still sleeping back at the house.

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