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Rains Still Not Hurting the Fishing

The lake remains clear and full as we face 10 more days of 30 to 100% chance of rain. Fishing is good to excellent as the storms approach and the rain falls. Fishing is at least different if not tuff depending on how strong the front was. One recent trip had the bad luck of arriving as a strong north wind appeared. Fish were scarce until I tied on a shallow running crankbait with a wide wobble. Burning it back over the grass beds was very productive and it was exciting watching the bass chase that rocket. I caught one fish in two hours using the tried and true tactics that work under more “normal” conditions but boated 5 in 45 minutes using the crank.

July is starting to fill up and it looks like we may have another summer without triple-digit temps. The wacky worm may still be working into July if we can avoid a real muddy runoff these next few days.

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