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Water Temp Cooling

Just got a dose of what a 10 degree drop in water temperature does to the fishing. Had a good outing Wednesday in the rain, but found the bites few and far between the last two days. Fished 4.5 hrs yesterday & caught two little bass, while I broke off a big fish and lost another good one. This morning I fished 3 hrs and had 4 bites, caught one little bass and a 6 lb bass. So I contacted 3 big fish on 10 bites. Always seems that the big bites are more prevalent when the little guys take a day off.

Water temp has dropped 10 degrees in the last week, and the wind has been out of the north for the first time in months. The lake is full and remains stained. The fishing will now rise and fall with the approach & passage of each cold front. Jigs & big plastic worms are still the best lures to throw. Don Kentner

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