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First Bowhunt of Fall

Finally got into a stand last night, 30 minutes to hunt before dark. I had three small bucks and one doe in bow range. The biggest of the three bucks was a well muscled 2 1/2 yr old 8 pt that would already score 115″.

Rifle season is booked up at AP, but right now I am the only one with reservations to bowhunt on our 800 acres. Last year I bowhunted 87.5 hrs in the first half of bow season and saw 37 bucks (one buck every 2.5 hrs). Eleven of those bucks were gross P&Y. Bowhunts are still priced at $100/day, which includes your on-site lodging and choice of over 15 stands. Call us at 417-639-4111 if you are interested in a great deal on a pre-rut bowhunt!

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