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Hot Weather Good For Fishing????

Hot, stable weather always gives way to great summer fishing on Three Mile Lake. Each morning has been bringing good action on plastic worms and an occasional topwater bite. About 9:30 there is a lull in the action as the fish seek shade and oxygen, then about 10:30 the bite begins to pick up, particularly when the guide guesses right and chooses the right cover first. Some days its the deep weed line, sometimes its the overhead foliage, and other times its the high wall.

Jigs have been consistently producing well during the middle part of the day and the plastic worm has been a little more erratic. Two to three fish/hr/boat seems to be typical for experienced anglers and my old rule of thumb one out of fifteen bass will be over 4 lbs *** has been holding up. I went out for a couple of hours this morning and caught my first crankbait bass of the summer. Typically late July and August fishing are dominated by those anglers that can successfully dredge the depths with a big billed hard lure.

Monster fish have been giving anglers a rough go the last few weeks. Most everybody has a hard-luck story. July 3rd I watched a young man lose three fish that were undoubtedly better than 7 lbs. The most heart-wrenching pulled free on less than 10 feet of line. I have seen the luck change on a dime and I expect AP visitors to add several fish to the 8lb+ tally by the end of August.

The lake level has almost returned to full and the water has returned to its normal stained-green tint.***If you are using normal bass size lures.

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