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There Really Was a 12 lb Bass In Black Perch Bay

I previously reported that I had spotted a bass in Black Perch Bay which I estimated weighed 11 to 12 lbs. Well, a first time visitor from St. Louis confirmed my suspicion when he landed a lunker which I personally weighed on my calibrated Boga grip at 12 lbs 2 ounces. The fish was not on the spot where I saw her, but was ~ 120 yards away in the south end of the cove when she was hooked. I have posted a picture in the photo album. What a beautiful fish, and she swam off none the worse for the experience. I was only 20 yards away when the fish was caught. Amazingly enough she was caught by the third boat to go by that spot in less than an hour!

Currently the spawn has moved out to the deeper parts of the lake. Good numbers are being caught and another first time visitor caught several bass yesterday afternoon including a five pounder and a couple keeper size fish. We have not had a monster rain, but I am ready for the skies to lighten get some drying started. The lake clarity is still holding up and the water temp is in the low 60s.

Don Kentner

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