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I suppose someday I will understand why I have not been able to log into the Report area of our website, but until then I will just be thankful that I am on right now and it appears to be working. Should this be a one-hit-wonder, please check us out on Facebook, as that has been very reliable for updates.

Fishing in 2018 was as good as “average” as I can remember. For the second year in a row, we had 8 fish caught 8# or greater. Consistent weather settled in after an upside-down spring where March was warmer than April. The fish were cooperative well into summer and fall.

We are already well into booking up weekends for April and May. Many good spots remain in June, but that will be the next card to fall. The lake is full and has a slight skim of ice on it right now.

Thanks for your patience during this hiatus and I surely hope it is not so long before I can make another update!

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