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Cold Front on the Way. Time to Fish!

Last Wednesday just felt like a day to skip supper and sneak in a few hrs of fishing before dark. Clouds were gathering and rain seemed imminent. The next day a blast of cool air was predicted; it seemed like a good time for the bass to put on the feedbag. I idled out to the fingers and had a bass swing and miss at my third cast with a topwater. Fish were breaking the surface and the sky darkened enough that I took off my sunglasses. I caught one small fish on the topwater and then realized that the clouds had disappeared and the fish were no longer breaking the surface. Soon the sun was out bright enough that I put my sunglasses back on. I switched to a 10″ plastic worm and began grinding it out along the grass line. I had a few half-hearted pickups, but no connections. I switched sides of the pit and began working the sandstone bluff with the plastic worm and landed this beauty after being on the water for about an hour. I caught one other small bass before I headed in to the dock for pictures and release of the six-pounder. Another time that the fishing was not very spectacular, and certainly not as good as I had anticipated, but also another time that a poor numbers outing turned up a good fish. The pit remains full and clear for this time of year. The grass bed is very green in most areas, and the water temp is 78 degrees. The fishing will rise and fall with the timing of each cold front from this point out.

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