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Summer 2012 Update

Posted on August 19, 2012

Fishing remains a struggle. Seems that they are always biting, it just takes a lot of casts/trial and error to figure out what they want. Yesterday I fished for 4.5 hrs without catching a fish and only muffed one solid pickup. I tried the tried and true lures/spots before going against the grain and fishing shallow in the middle of the day. Pretty easy then, caught 3 in 30 minutes.

I repeatedly tell AP customers that our lake fishes more like a big lake than a pond. There’s a lot of water to eliminate when the fish get finicky and it is slow going when so many of the fish are suspended 10 feet deep.

This morning I went to Lone Pine Lake to catch some stockers for the big lake. I got a late start, but expected to catch my fish on grubs and/or plastic worm near a couple of beaver huts. I caught zilch til I got to the first and smaller of the two huts. I caught 8 bass in about 30 minutes before I moved to the next hut with hi expectations. I never even got a bump at the second hut and only managed 3 more bass in the remaining hour of fishing. Not sure I would have caught a fish had I not know where that first hut was. I caught 8/11 bass from a 10-foot circle on a 2.5-acre pit. The big pit is 45 acres with 6X the shoreline. Guess it should not be any wonder that it takes some creative thinking and determination to find those bites on the big lake!

Water temp dropped 5 degrees (77 degrees) from Thursday to Saturday. The water is a bit less stained and continues to drop by way of evaporation. The lake is ~ 7 inches below full.

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