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Something That Makes Sense

All through April I waited and watched for the mass arrival of big females on the beds at Black Perch Bay. We saw a few good fish that were definitely locked on a bed, but never for more than a few hours and some days every bed in the bay was vacated. I have finally concluded that the early, shallow spawn must have occurred back in March. Fry balls were observed more than 10 days ago, which seems at least a couple of weeks early.

The early spawn has made the fishing sometimes difficult and always puzzling. One two-man group in April caught 100 bass over a two day period, but nothing over 3 lbs. They did break off a good fish right before leaving, but that was their best contact with a big fish. The surge of small bass usually does not happen until well into May and is my signal to start fishing further from the bank with bulky baits to target recovering females.

This weekend seems to have restored a bit of sanity. The water remains clear, and wacky worms are a great springtime choice when the fish can make visual contact with the straight worm fished weightless. My party caught 19 bass yesterday morning, almost all on the worm. We lost a couple of quality fish, but did not see them to make an estimate on size.

The upcoming week’s fishing calendar is pretty full and I am anticipating some great action. Weekend bookings are pushing out toward July, don’t let the summer slip away with out getting to Angler’s Paradise to do a little bass fishing! Don Kentner Owner – Angler’s Paradise

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