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The Bite is Back On!

Seems like the lake had been high, muddy, and falling for weeks now. Each day I held my breath waiting for the fishing to go in the tank. The bite remained strong as the water level stabilized at 10 above full. The water running into the lake tailed off late last week and the lake level started dropping again in time for my next wave of fishermen to find tough fishing conditions Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday the lake level again stabilized; this time 8� above full and the bite was back on this morning. I caught 9 fish in 2.5 hours. Four fish were in the 2 to 3 lb category and I broke off a 4 lb fish. I caught fish on a Zara Spook, wacky worm, grub, and jig. The water is now more clear than normal for June; hangover from the muddy conditions that inhibited the onset of the plankton bloom. Looks to be pretty normal summer time patterns with the exception of the wacky worm. That bite will tail off as the bloom returns to the water.

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