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Bass on the Beds

The big bass finally decided to move onto the beds Friday. It was not the sunshine that got them there as it was mostly cloudy and rainy when a couple of the many daily visitors to Black Perch Bay settled into a bed and began the spawning rituals in earnest. One five pound bass was taken by sight fishing and a 9 pounder was lost in the brush. When camp cleared yesterday I decided to head out on the water and see if I could draw a strike from the 12 pound bass I had spotted the night before. The 12 pounder was no where to be seen as the weather conditions had degraded even further. Driving rain and north wind had lowered the water temp from 55 degrees 3 days previous. I did locate a bass that I estimated to be 7 or 8 pounds and she appeared to be in a mood to bite. It took about 15 minutes and a few lure changes, but she struck a lizard that had been setting on the bed for several seconds. I successfully landed this fish and weighed it in at 10 pounds even, but knew that my visual estimate was light as soon as the fish first surfaced.

Any chance that my 12 pound estimate was off by the same margin???? Fishermen should have a chance to find out this week as we finally have a favorable weather forecast.

Don Kentner

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