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Fishing With the Guide Special

The ice is getting soft and the forecast is for a solid stretch of warm weather after tomorrow. A little wind and sunshine should polish off the last of the ice and make for a few hours of good fishing in the afternoon.

This year I am running a special for February and March. I’m calling it the “Fishing With the Guide Special”. If you (or you and 1 partner) want to come down and fish with me we can use my boat and the only charge will be for the fishing. As always, if we get blanked you don’t pay anything for the fishing. This isn’t a guide trip, so I will fish, but I promise not to front-end you and it should provide an opportunity to learn a few more of the spots/techniques that produce fish on Three Mile Lake.

Last year was my first chance to be at AP everyday and monitor the fishing on a regular basis. The first observation that I made last winter was that it really took four consecutive days of bright sunshine to get the fish to start biting. The air temperature was a secondary factor and a 45 degree sunny day was far superior to a 60 degree day with cloudy to partly cloudy skies.

My second observation was that our customers missed out on some great fishing in February and March. Our lake record fish was caught in March, my personal best was in March last year, and I know of at least one other personal best fish that was landed in March two years ago. Last year the month produced a 10.5 lb bass, a 7.5 lb bass and a 52 fish half-day creel (two fishermen), but there were only 6 fishermen who fished a total of 7 man-days. Day trips on short notice or tentative reservations based on a favorable weather forecast are very “do-able” now that I am on the property full time. Give us a call if you see a time to get away and grab a quick dose of fishing to cure cabin fever.

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